x86 Rackmount Network Appliances

Lanner provides 1U and 2U x86 rackmount network appliances with powerful Intel® processors for demanding network applications. There are also extra redundancy features like hot-swappable system fans and multiple Ethernet module bays for flexible port configuration. These appliances are purpose built for a range of network computing applications including Network Security: Next Generation Firewall, UTM, DDoS, IPS, as well as for Network Edge Security, IP Video Transport, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE).



Rackmount x86 Network Security Platform based on 4th Generation Intel® Xeon E3 v3 or Core® i7/i5/i3

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Next Generation Threat Prevention Platform

Experts suggest that today’s Enterprises’ Threat Preventions must consider the following aspects when selecting Network Security Appliances: Protocol coverage, Network and capacity analysis, Physical location detection, Virtual software tools such as filtering, reputation-inspection, authentication, deep packet inspection, endpoint inspection, payload check and other suspicious behavior detection.

Fulfilling the previously mentioned functions and tasks requires the integration of next generation network security appliances to perform web application firewall, IPS, application delivery control (ADP), anti-virus and ransomware/malware prevention.

According to research the most successful, well-defended, well-structured advanced threat preventions solutions’ achievement required integration of two hardware platforms. Therefore, the combination of High-performance x86 Network Security Appliance and 1U Mid-range Modular x86 Network Appliance, make Lanner’s FW-8896 and NCA-5210 the ideal platform solutions for threat prevention providing ultra-computing power, redundant power supplies, replaceable cooling fans and able to support 40Gbe LAN connectivity including up to 8 NIC Module slots to meet the high-reliability, flexibility and high network bandwidth required for Threat Prevention applications.

IP Video Transport Solutions


Next Generation IP Video Transport requires considering the following aspects for selection of Network Appliances: jittery network traffic, buffering, packet loss, delivery of high quality video content, environment adaptability and efficiency.

Covering the previously mentioned aspects requires integrating robust, reliable next generation network appliances ensuring the flawless, 24/7 delivery of high quality IP Video content over the Internet.

Therefore, to get the job done, Lanner offers a selection of highly-dependable x86 Rackmounts Network Appliances such as FW-8758 and FW-7582 which offer the reliability, availability and performance needed for optimized IP video delivery.

Advanced Threat Protections Against Data Breaches

Network Appliances for threat protection against data breaches must address strict controls and instruction policies, network traffic management, powerful architecture and virtualized network security prevention measures running on an automotive 24/7.

To defend against data breaches, a powerful hardware platform is needed in order to run all the required measures in an efficient and effective manner.

For that reason, Lanner’s NCA-5510 is the ideal deployment for enhancing network traffic management and virtualized network security with its high-port density including up to 32 GbE RJ-45 ports in just 1U form factor. High throughput and crypto acceleration expansions are scalable through 4 slim type module slots, supporting 40G/10G/1G/Fiber/Copper/Bypass/cryptographical specifications. With the I/O advantages and scalability, NCA-5510 offers high reliability and serviceability to implement advanced threat protections against data breaches.

SDN/NFV Infrastructure Platform

Service Providers seeking the full benefits of implementing SDN/NFV architectural concepts must evaluate the following innovation demanding facets: capacities to dynamical creation and deliver of customized innovative services, automation of network functions, scalability capacities, high-availability, secure, reliable, cost-effective 24/7/365 transmission of data-information at high-speeds.

Fulfilling the previously mentioned aspects for NFV requires integration of NFV Infrastructure platform to provide the needed security and performance for implementing software defined instructions, able to instantiate, manage, monitor and repair VNFs, all the while providing seamless connection and communication for the many devices transmitting data.

Lanner’s short-depth Network Appliances with high port density are ideal for telecommunications, SDN and virtualization applications. Our NCA-4010 with Xeon-D 1500 and NCA-4210 with 6th Generation Intel Core processor network appliances offer high-throughput, extreme performance, high-port density for enhancing network bandwidth and virtualization capability enabling Service Providers to optimize efficiencies by simplifying the management and orchestration of functions and services, reducing TTM for new services and Cap-Ex and Op-Ex in delivery of services for customer premises equipment(CPE). Therefore permitting CSP’s to offer instantaneous dynamic creation and delivery of innovative services available to deploy at the touch of a button.