SD-WAN architecture offers enterprise IT management a far more agile, cost-effective next-gen WAN architecture than traditional MPLS approaches to establish streamlined, end-to-end connections between headquarters and branch offices. However, the adoption of public Internet for SaaS applications could lead to security vulnerability at remote branches.

Therefore, Secure SD-WAN is the answer to the security for managed SD-WAN infrastructure deployed in large-scale, multi-site corporations. Secure SD-WAN not only simplifies the deployment, but also comes with the end-to-end visibility to monitor and control the traffic between branches and the public Internet. Meanwhile, all the policies and instructions can be autonomously implemented across all the connection points. In fact, many of the leading SD-WAN vendors offer built-in firewall in their solutions.

As a reliable market supplier, Lanner possesses a complete range of network appliance designed for time-to-market deployment and turnkey solutions to secure the most advanced multi-site enterprise SD-WAN networks.

SD-WAN Security Measures

  • Built-in Device Security

    Firmware/BIOS security to secure control and management planes for on-premise uCPE/vCPE

  • SD-WAN Integrated with Firewall

    Integrated firewall or NGFW with IPS/IDS, content filtering, Malware and DDoS prevention.

  • Cloud-Managed VNF Security

    Multi-vendor security Apps compatibly deployed as a VNF to on-premise uCPE or host in the cloud.