Lanner’s HTCA-6000 Series Optimized by Hardware Library and Broadcom OpenNSL to Accelerate Custom Application Development

Following the transition of network infrastructures from proprietary systems to open architecture, service providers show strong tendencies to build up their networking applications based on their specific environments. To accelerate the deployment process on network appliance, Lanner, the leading provider in network security gateway and appliance, today announced the integration of Broadcom OpenNSL (Open Network Switch Library) in its HTCA-6000 series. The highly integrated Lanner solutions will optimize serviceability for top-tier clients to accelerate customization and application developments.

Besides the already high-throughput capability by Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 v3/v4 CPUs, DDR4 memory and Broadcom StrataXGS switch platform, Lanner’s HTCA-6000 series network appliances (including HTCA-6600 and HTCA-6200) are further optimized with Broadcom OpenNSL, which provides a rich and open API library for the development and innovation of custom open applications. Client developers are thus enabled to leverage Lanner’s hardware library and Broadcom’s rich open software APIs to customize their switching and routing functions such as L2/L3/VLAN management, packet tracing/injection, buffer statistics tracking, link monitoring, error handling and trunking.

To accelerate developments and serviceability in customizations, Lanner creates a hardware library for device driver enabling based on the kernel versions in specific environments or applications, including

  • Linux kernel-dependency device driver module (.ko)

    Lanner can customize OpenNSL package for client’s specific kernel version and the corresponding contents.

  • OpenNSL shared library (.so)

    The shared library allows developers to seek sample codes over OpenNSL, a rich library of Open APIs.

  • Pre-built binary of sample codes to demonstrate OpenNSL features The sample codes can serve as SDK for customization purposes when deploying network functions, such as example_le_firewall, example_trunk, or example_vxlan.

On the other hand, developers may leverage Broadcom OpenNSL software APIs to integrate with Lanner’s hardware library and HTCA-6000 series appliances for new innovative open applications in network monitoring, traffic engineering and workload optimization. The integration of Lanner hardware and Broadcom platforms brings together a customizable, enhanced and fast-delivered solution with optimized hardware and open networking APIs.