Lanner, Enea and Intel Showcase Firewall Protected Open Source SD-WAN

Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) services have become vitally important for enterprises, allowing them to re-configure their branch office networks to take advantage of cloud-based services. With SD-WAN, branch offices can use legacy WANs to access corporate resources and can have more secure access to cloud-based applications across broadband internet services.

The availability of open source SD-WAN software takes advantage of the rapid innovation and lower cost of open source options when compared to commercial offerings.

In a reference solution showcased at the SDN NFV World Congress 2019, a coalition of companies led by Lanner, Enea AB and Intel demonstrated how a robust open source SD-WAN system by flexiWAN could be developed and deployed by communications service providers (CommSPs) or enterprises. As universal customer premises equipment (uCPE)-based SD-WANs are deployed globally, service providers are looking for solutions that are more affordable, yet customizable while offering scale and robustness. Solutions such as the one detailed in this brief allow service providers to take SD-WAN into new price sensitive markets while leveraging their existing infrastructure.

The white box uCPEs used in the reference solution are from the Lanner NCA-1515 series of networking servers— purpose-built for branch office and access deployments. Lanner has designed these servers to be future ready for additional VNFs. The reference solution was built to demonstrate both the minimum and ideal configurations.

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Desktop Network Appliance for vCPE/uCPE Edge Security

CPU Intel® Atom® C3000 (Denverton)
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