Lanner and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Jointly Announce High-Availability uCPE and Next-Gen Server Cooling Technology

Taipei, Taiwan, March 12, 2021 – With 5G driving the transformation of networks and the recovered paced at which network infrastructure modernizations are taking place post-COVID-19, Taiwan is well-positioned to provide customers with the right products and solutions. To optimize the use of a large number of edge computing resources in the context of a more decentralized, exacting environment, Lanner and Yangming Jiaotong University have jointly conducted research and published reports regarding “High Availability uCPE Integrated with Mesh Wi-FI” and “High-Performance Server Cooling Technology.”

In recent years, Lanner has strengthened its competencies in telecommunications, edge computing, industrial Internet of Things, and network security to meet the demands of the future. It has collaborated with many world-leading stakeholders in various vertical markets to provide virtualized network (SD-WAN and NFV) applications with white-label hardware and solutions. Lanner’s hardware and solutions have been recognized for excellence by many of the top 20 global telecom operators such as Verizon and have completed the deployment of more than 200,000 enterprise SD-WAN sites.

Mesh Wi-Fi Integrated High-Availability uCPE

uCPE edge computing can integrate with various 5G edge devices, including retail POS systems, wireless Wi-Fi hotspot services, and video surveillance systems. uCPE is characterized by the optimization of the computing capacity of terminal equipment, namely bandwidth utilization, providing advanced functions for uninterrupted connectivity and load-based dynamic bandwidth allocation. Lanner and the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at Yangming Jiaotong University utilized two NCA-1515 uCPEs and four Mesh Wi-Fi devices, using OpenWRT, OpenMesh, Open WISP, Agent, Docker, and other open-source software as the software architecture. Operating in a simulated retail store environment, despite a sudden disconnection of the uCPE, the platform provided timely video monitoring and POS system backup, as well as uninterrupted Mesh Wi-Fi failover. This architecture allows 5G edge cloud networks to be flexible and expandable while also reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

High-Efficiency Server Cooling Technology

To meet the demands of 5G ultra-low latency applications, many micro base stations are required to be rolled out in more demanding environments. This necessitates enhanced heat dissipation capabilities. The R&D teams at Lanner and Yangming Jiaotong University have successfully developed next-generation heat sink fins for high-powered 1U edge servers after repeated testing and verification. The experiments confirmed that this heat dissipation system can provide additional air ducts through the new fin design. By introducing more airflow and optimized fins, the overall heat dissipation performance can be improved to maintain optimal operating temperatures for high-powered 1U edge servers.

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