IT+OT Network Security

Enabling Multi-layer Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure

The risk of cyber threats in the Industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA systems has escalated in a historical pace as critical infrastructures, like power substation, oil and gas refinery, water treatment, and smart factory are connected by mainstream network protocols. However, the malicious attacks, namely Stuxnet worms, WannaCry ransomware, have evolved to penetrate into ICS networks from multiple paths on the interconnected networks. Therefore, there is an urgent need for more comprehensive, multi-layer network security solutions to protect both the IT and OT (Operating Technologies) networks in critical infrastructures

Multi-layer OT+IT Security

In a common digitalized setting for critical infrastructures, OT controls and manages Industrial Zone (Layer 0~3) like instrumentation bus, controller LAN and supervisory HMI and SCADA systems, whereas the IT monitors and authenticates Enterprise Zone (Layer 4~5) like web server, email server, FTP server and enterprise servers. In a more advanced model, an Industrial DMZ Zone (Layer 3.5) is established as an additional layer of protection towards externally interfaced services