Ensuring Next-Gen Enterprise Network Security

Deploying Security Gateways for next-gen enterprise networks

With the complexities of advanced cyber attacks such as DDoS and ransomware, solution providers for enterprise network security need a reliable hardware partner that understands the specialized requirement for network security landscape and offers wide selection of network appliances specifically built to mitigate cyber threats in SMB, branch office, enterprise and cloud data centers.

Firewall Design Considerations

With more than 30-year experience in offering hardware solutions for the rapid-changing cyber security industry, Lanner has the leading technological advantages and long-established manufacturing processes to service clients with customized hardware solutions for mission-critical enterprise cyber security applications.

  • Best-in-Class Security

    Crypto Acceleration
    Secure Boot / Boot Guard
    TPM/BMC Security

  • 24/7 Reliability

    Dual BIOS
    Gen. 3 LAN Bypass
    Redundant Fan/PSU

  • Scalable Connectivity


  • Flexible Manageability

    IPMI Remote Control
    Hardware Monitoring
    Platform SDK / API

Application Story