Enabling Flexible Service Chaining with Multi-vendor Solution

The latest Magic Quadrant Report on WAN Edge Infrastructure by Gartner’s has addressed the world-leading companies in SD-WAN solution vendors. Among the 20 companies on the list, Lanner’s vCPE platforms have been successfully deployed by more than 55% of the leading companies.

With multiple successful deployment cases of our appliances in diversified client environments, Lanner has been pre-validated in the market as a reliable hardware vendor in supplying virtualization-optimized open network platforms, designed to accelerate the deployments of next-generation vRouter, vBroadband (vBNG) Network Gateway, SD-WAN, SD-security and NFVI platforms for customers to realize service chaining on multi-vendor environments.

Virtual Router (vRouter)

Today’s SD-WAN Edge Infrastructure requires scalable, high-performance virtual routing and vRouter can be used as Virtual Customer Edge (vCE) or Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) routers. vRouter is also considered NFV-ready platform and is deployable as a low throughput MPLS P Router with MPLS switching and as an Internet peering router with full Internet table support.

Virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG)

Lanner’s open architecture platforms have been deployed as vBNG, designed to deliver unmatched performance and scalability with a highly optimized data plane and patented packet processing techniques. vBNG can deliver up to 160 Gbps throughput and can be scaled to support multi-terabit services. The high-throughput feature makes vBNG an ideal solution for applications where networking resource concentration is adopted and high-performance is a critical factor in the success of the deployments.

Ultra-low Footprint NFVi

Ultra-low footprint, lightweight uCPE white box can be Integrated into existing infrastructure without a full OpenStack deployment, to run NFVi on streamlined Intel x86 platforms powered by only two cores x86 with consistent throughput and performance levels that support for container virtualization to increase the VNF density and minimize total system footprint. The ultra-low footprint NFVi by uCPE enables a mix of containers of virtual machines on one single platform to offer flexibility and scalability for CSPs.

OSS/BSS and Orchestrators

To shorten the migration to NFV infrastructure with zero provisioning and flexible service delivery, Lanner’s white-box hardware has been successfully deployed to provide an automated orchestration integrated with existing OSS/BSS systems on virtualized, multi-vendor infrastructure to offer value-added services.