Secure IIoT Gateways Ensure Visibility, Security and Manageability in Industrial Networks

Secure IIoT Gateways Ensure Visibility, Security and Manageability in Industrial Networks

This shift means that devices like IoT gateways and industrial PCs are being deployed en masse, in order to bring processing power closer to the data. And Gartner estimates that by 2020 at least 90% of all IoT projects will include gateway devices. Beyond the staggering scale of growth, managing these devices results in a myriad of challenges for organizations:

  • Devices are highly distributed: Broadly spread across an enterprise, often in remote locations that are hard to reach and may be exposed, equipment is difficult and often expensive to access.
  • The edge has no perimeter to defend: Traditional security approaches aren’t sufficient at the edge, requiring a new approach to ensure devices, applications, and their data are protected.
  • Existing monolithic, embedded systems: Single application solutions are built for a specific functionality and when the need for additional capabilities increase, adding immutable functional silos that become unmanageable at scale.
  • Few or no onsite IT staff: Limited onsite IT resources require any solution to be easily secured and provide robust visibility from a central location.


The scale and complexity of IoT projects within industrial organizations means that many of the traditional processes for deploying and maintaining devices are not sufficient. Instead, businesses need a solution that meets the following requirements:

  • Hardware must be rugged and capable of withstanding exposed and possibly harsh conditions.
  • Device onboarding must be zero-touch and not require highly trained IT staff.
  • All management activities, including updates, activating/deactivating ports, and troubleshooting must be conducted remotely.
  • Support for applications must include both existing legacy and modern cloud applications and be able to connect to any cloud.
  • Comprehensive security capabilities must ensure protection in remote environments where device integrity cannot be ensured.
  • Architecture must be able to accommodate additional devices and applications as future requirements are identified.


The SilosBreaker™ is a turnkey platform that seamlessly integrates the Lanner IIoT industrial gateway with Zededa real-time edge platform, offering endpoint authentication, software property protection, service lifecycle management and advanced device/application monitoring capabilities.

The SilosBreaker™ provides a consistent, automated, hardware agnostic, and secure operating model for mass-deployed edge devices and applications – eliminating manual configuration processes, requirements for on-site expertise, or any need to manually update software.


  • Solution for rugged environments: Embedded appliances withstand extreme weather and are operable in a wide operating temperature. IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliant
  • Zero-touch provisioning: Simply connect power in the field and the device will connect to the cloud and receive the relevant configuration details. Device installation requires no IT expertise or pre-installation configuration.
  • Single pane of glass across all edge hardware: One-click deployment of edge services and applications. Application configuration and updates are all managed through the central control pane, streamlining common tasks and reducing administrative overhead.
  • Superior security designed for the edge: Zero-trust model ensures device integrity in remote environments where potentially hardware, software, and individuals are unable to be verified. Comprehensive security capabilities provide the same level of control and scrutiny expected in the datacenter.
  • Future-proof: Flexible and scalable solution with an open architecture to easily add functionality, devices and control to the network

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