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How Will AI Enhance Video Surveillance Capabilities?

Video surveillance has been a prominent feature in a large portion of security set ups for decades now. Over the years, video surveillance has taken many forms. Traditional closed circuit television (CCTV) recorded video footage to video tapes that could then be played back using a video player. Then came DVRs and digital video recording […]

5 Industries That Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Transforming

Ever since the field of artificial intelligence (AI) research was first established as an academic discipline in the 1950s, scientists from a diverse range of backgrounds including physics, mathematics, engineering and psychology have looked at the possibilities of artificial brains and intelligent machines capable of learning for themselves. After a promising start to life, early […]

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence – Big Data promise coming to fruition

The human brain is one of, if not the, most complex machine we have found so far in our universe. While there have been and still are many attempts underway to recreate or emulate the layout and functions of the human brain, none have come close to being true representations of our own grey matter. […]