TPM 2.0 Protected IIoT Security Gateway for Industrial Control Systems

To secure millions of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) endpoints, controllers and gateways in complex environments, a comprehensive IIoT edge security platform should be equipped with hardware root of trust on each device, gateway and controller, with a mutual authentication between device and gateway as well as with a secured communication overlays design.

Lanner partners with Infineon to offer IIoT Security Gateways with TPM 2.0 architecture, a better secured hardware level of trust is given. With the OPTIGA™ TPM from Infineon, Lanner now can add an extra layer of security to the data. TPM 2.0 along with Lanner LAN Bypass technology available in Lanner network appliances and industrial PCs can offer robust hardware level cyberhardening at low power consumption. TPM 2.0 enabled crypto security in Lanner hardware is especially important for vertical markets, like network security, uCPE/vCPE for SD-WAN, transportation and industrial cyber security.

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