In-Vehicle NVRs Enable 4G/LTE Real-Time Monitoring for Cash-In-Transit Operations

In-Vehicle NVRs Enable 4G/LTE Real-Time Monitoring for Cash-In-Transit Operations


Cash-In-Transit vehicles are the critical fleets for financial institutions, as they transport valuable assets like cash, jewelries and other valuable assets. Therefore, it is a mandatory procedure to reduce the risks of robbery, theft and unidentified personnel, while securing the vehicle and the assets in it. In fact, it is believed that a 4G/LTE-based networked surveillance is currently the most optimal and real-time solution for the security of cash-in-transit.


A professional vehicle systems integrator in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region cooperated with Lanner to provide an integrated NVR gateway for the cash-in-transit vans. Due to the security concerns towards hijacking, robbery, or theft, the NVR computing gateway shall have essential functions like IP camera connections, visioning technology, fingerprint identification access control and anti-tailing detection incorporated and enabled by the in-vehicle gateway to secure the vehicles and assets.

4G LTE Mobile Connectivity

Before the official availability of 5G, 4G LTE currently offers the most optimal bandwidth and transfer high-quality streamed videos during missions. In fact, due to the demands of cash-in-transit missions, the in-vehicle NVR must be 4G/LTE-enabled in order to deliver real-time communications.

Access Authentications

Cash-in-transit vehicles must prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the vehicle and the driver seat as staff. Therefore, access authentications such as ID badge check and fingerprint identification can assure only authorized staff can ignite the vehicles.

Speed Limit Control

Cash-in-transit vehicles are regulated with certain speed limits defined by their authorizing institutes or governments, in order to ensure the transport of valuables are conducted properly.

Anti-tailing Detection

Advanced anti-tailing A/B door detection is an essential security feature for today’s cash-in-transit. The detection works with intelligent video analysis so that it can detect any event between the doors of the vehicle. Anti-tailing prevents unauthorized access to the cabin, driver seat and passenger seat.

Multiple IP Cameras

The NVR vehicle surveillance gateway shall support as many IP cameras as possible against today’s diverse attacks. On the other hand, a robust video monitoring and management system is a plus.

Long Recording Period

Video footage recording is the reason why vehicle surveillance is implemented, and the recorded can serve as evidence if incidents arise. However, if the system storage is not with large-enough capacity, the recorded videos will be overwritten by later footages. Therefore, a multi-TB size storage that can keep large number of 1080p high-resolution video files will be the optimal solution.

Real-time Location Tracking and Geo Fence

When a cash-in-transit is on a trip for missions, the vehicle shall be monitored by control center and police station. If the armored vehicle is traveling onto an unplanned route, the Geo Fence will alert the control center and police station automatically.

Backup Power Supply in case of Emergency

Built-in 2600mAH Li-ion battery for backup power supply upon emergency

Lanner Solutions

Lanner’s vehicle NVR V6S is a high-performance computing gateway pre-validated by major players in video surveillance eco-systems, including Axis, Milestone systems and Axxon. V6S offers VMS software validated by our technology partner, such as Milestone XProtect & AxxonSoft, and Axis in IP camera.

As the flagship model of Lanner’s vehicle NVR gateway, V6S offers the ruggedness to operate under wide temperature range (-20~60°C). Designed for vehicle surveillance and analytics, V6S is powered by the 7th Generation 14 nm Intel® Core™ i7-7600U SoC, offering power-efficient performance and accelerated graphics performance for vehicle computing needs.

Since wireless connectivity plays an important role in cash-in-transit surveillance, V6S equips PGN-300 LTE radio modem caddy module designed for Lanner’s Box PC and network appliances. The modem module delivers 4G LTE capable connectivity and is certified with PTCRB and AT&T.

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