Network Processing Appliances

Critical features required in Network Processing Appliances include: 10GbE, 40GbE, copper and fiber network interfaces, packet processing, deep packet inspection and network security, small footprint, low power consumption, accurate time and SW/HW fault detection. Cavium®

Lanner’s Network Processing Appliance are built with performance-boosting and low-powered RISC processors from Cavium OCTEON, Freescale QorIQ, and Marvell® for specified mission-critical applications like IPS, VPN and virus scanning.

MR 300 and MR 600 series platforms are purpose built to deliver the necessary performance with low power consumption to provide network security functions including NGFW, Cyber Security and intrusion detection/prevention as well as WAN optimization in SOHO and SME/SMB (Small and Medium Enterprises) environments. Lanner’s network appliances feature Real Time Clock (fed by Li Battery), Watchdog built-in hardware accelerators for intelligent networking including TCP acceleration, QoS acceleration and network packet acceleration. MR series platforms are mostly equipped with High Availability features such as redundant power supply and Lanner’s Generation Three LAN Bypass. MR series also offers expansion capability in most of the models, with a Mini-PCI, Mini-PCIe, or PCI-X slot for function expansion such as VGA cards, acceleration cards with Cavium® NITROX® or encryption cards.

Keeping varying needs of SMB market, MR series products range from 1U RISC-based rackmount appliances to small form factor, fanless, rugged appliances built for deploying in harsh environment or remote locations. A proven workhorse, the MR-320 delivers an extremely stable solution for your most remote locations given its fanless design and corrugated aluminum chassis that works as heat sink. On the other side Freescale P2040 quad-core processor based MR-630 targets UTM security applications and delivers up to 10Gbps performance in less expensive form factors such as the 1U chassis. Freescale P2040 quad-core processor, built on Power Architecture® technology, brings high-end architectural features pioneered in the P4 platform into the low-end quad core space, enabling customers to scale software up and down the Freescale QorIQ product line.

As an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Lanner can customize any of our off-the-shelf appliances to meet your unique spec and branding requirements as well as design something from the ground up to build a unique platform to deliver your appliance based solution.


Half-rack / Desktop Network Processing Platform with Freescale P1011/1020 CPUs and 5 GbE LAN Ports

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A multi-core MIPS64 platform with embedded encryption, networking and TCP acceleration engines

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1U Network Appliance Powered by Cavium OCTEON CN5020 CPU, with 2 Combo Ports and a 4-Port GbE Switch

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Desktop form factor Network Processing Appliance for SMB Firewall or entry-level enterprise UTM.

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