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Focus on your business—leave the hardware to us. Our experienced engineers and product experts are ready to step in and assist at any moment to help you deliver the right solution at the right time

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Lanner provides a full gamut of OEM services from start to finish, delivering a finished product exactly how you want it and when you need it.

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Specific or Challenging Hardware Requirements?

Our team of experienced hardware specialists can guide you to the right solution. Learn MoreStart now

Want to Define your Brand?

We offer a wide range of branding services from custom faceplates to full color modifications. Learn More Start now

Deliver Fully Certified & Tested Appliances

Choose from many of our pre-built, pre-certified designs directly from our website and customize it to your liking or speak with a hardware specialist for further customization. Learn More

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Deliver a turnkey solution straight out-of-the-box, we preload and test all of your software seamlessly implemented through our testing process. Learn MoreStart now


Variable Manufacturing

Whether you need a in-vehicle, desktop, 1U, 2U or blade solutions, Lanner’s engineers can design and manufacture them to meet your needs. Learn More Start now

State-of-the-Art Network Equipment Manufacturing

Our wide variety of NIC’s and network chipsets give you exactly the networking performance you require, from low-power IoT networking to high-performance optical networking. Learn More

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Depending on your demands, Lanner will design an inventory process to fit your needs. Learn MoreStart now


Lifecycle Management

Lanner supports hardware lifecycles of up to 15 years. We delivers accurate timely EOL announcements and available product upgrades. Learn MoreStart now

Global Logistics
Perfectly positioned to manufacture and distribute globally with complete hardware security using 100% in house manufacturing and vetted component acquisition

Less than 90 days from prototype to shipment

Speak with a hardware specialist now to gather your requirements and start delivering your hardware solution through Lanner today