Software-Defined vCPE Solution for WAN and Internet Optimization

Software-Defined vCPE Solution for WAN and Internet Optimization


IT managers in charge of administering network services for most of today’s multi-location businesses are expected to fulfill rules and levels of authentication based on the types of network services demanded by the local offices or transnational branches. These conventional network infrastructures, more often than not, are intended for delivering services that require almost no flexibility or scalability, which in turn making deploying new services over such wide area and long distance networks a costly and time-consuming task.

Building a more agile and flexible network ideal for delivering not only dynamic services but also on-demand network functions requires full-featured hardware solutions that are specifically designed for bandwidth optimization.


VoIP is one of the most commonly required network services at multi-location businesses. Its quality and reliability are maintained by increasing the network bandwidth even though doing so could be cumbersome and costly because each office or branch demands its own sets of network rules, authentication and bandwidth quota.

A multi-national company that specializes in software defined networking solutions for WAN and Internet optimization came to Lanner for a vCPE network device that can be deployed as VoIP gateways. It is intended for delivering complete network optimization “as-a-service” via a proprietary link aggregation software suite, written specifically for enabling VoIP and other virtual network services over low-cost high-speed public broadband and hybrid connectivity such as ADSL, cable internet and/or 4G/LTE.

Lanner Solution

The FW-7551, a vCPE device powered by the Intel® Atom™ C2000 Series processor, is an all-in-one and compact x86 desktop network appliance that features a low-power architecture, up to 6 built-in Ethernet ports, Gen. 2 LAN bypass and the Intel® QuickAssist crypto acceleration technology; this network appliance is best suited for medium-sized business networks, medium-sized branch offices, distributed enterprises and gigabit connections.



WAN and Internet Optimization

By leveraging the proprietary network aggregation software for virtualizing the last-mile Data Plane between the central office and point-of-presence locations, the client has been very successful at providing enterprise-grade software controlled services bundles for converged Voice, Cloud and Managed Services, creating a unified networking connection with the combined speed of all links connected to the FW-7551, the vCPE device.

By deploying the FW-7551 as a vCPE device, this particular client was able to build a software-controlled networking portal not only capable of delivering latency and jitter-free VoIP service with maximal voice and data uptime and almost no dropped calls but also providing flexibility and configurability for various speed/security/quality requirements

Flexible Network Service Delivery

Service providers, on the other hand, have found success and benefits in creating high-performance but cost-effective business networks by deploying bundled add-on services, such as VPN, firewall, QoE, at the Network Edge over-the-top of their existing infrastructures, eliminating potentially costly upgrades otherwise needed for modems, routers or switches in the existing network path.

Software Controlled Networking solutions built with Lanner’s FW-7551 significantly simplify device management while at the same time offering bottleneck-free network traffic, optimal operational efficiency and end-to-end quality control, regardless of how end users connect on the last-mile.

About Lanner Electronics

Lanner Electronics Inc. engineers and manufactures all-in-one vCPE devices targeting those who develop or integrate software control network solutions designed for optimizing virtual network function and improving network bandwidth efficiency.

These vCPE devices are more than just endpoints on the Network Edge. They are ideal for a plethora of virtualized network security and management applications, including UTM, Firewall, VPN, IPS/IDS and Internet and WAN optimization.

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Lanner is a leading OEM with more than 30 Years of experience designing, building and manufacturing embedded and network computing hardware. From x86 rackmount systems to wide-operating temperature rugged industrial hardware, our appliances cover a diverse set of popular and niche applications.

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