Simplifying Converged Networks for SMEs with An All-In-One Platform

Simplifying Converged Networks for SMEs with An All-In-One Platform


Due to the rise of cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things), enterprises all over the world have become highly concerned towards cyber security threats such as breaches. In fact, major corporations have invested billions of dollars into massive network segmentation process. Their IT teams have to operate among various networking appliances, familiarize themselves with different software interfaces and learn to handle complicated settings of each network segments. However, only large corporations can afford such infrastructure investments. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), they need an economical solution for converged networking applications in data processing, cyber security and wireless management.


In SMEs environment, there are usually limited numbers of IT staff on their payroll. In order to achieve enterprise IT agility and save maintenance cost, they need a (or perhaps a few in hands) versatile platform for firewall, SSL, Wi-Fi control and network switch. In other words, they need an all-in-one platform to do it all and that’s the reason why more and more SMEs are adopting converged networks. There are technical requirements for their demanded network convergence platform.

Powerful CPU to Run Security Features

Security is the top priority, but a processor with built-in security features can perform such functions without performance compromise.

High-port Density

For network convergences in SMEs settings, the required platform must deliver multiple, diversified LAN ports to run multiple networking segments.

Switching Capability

Since the required platform has to function as a network switch, accelerated switching capability is necessary to run high-density LAN ports.

The Solution

Built to simplify network convergence processes, Lanner’s UP-2010 offers easy-deployment, drop-in replacement and time-to-market benefits.

Rackmount Network AppliancesSecurity wise, UP-2010 can function as a 1U, port-stuffed UTM built with Intel® Atom™ C2758 processor. Empowered by Intel® security instructions such as Intel® QuickAssist Technology and AES-NI, UP-2010 is capable of processing cryptographic duties and packet inspection tasks. In order to run deep packet inspection, the CPU comes with Intel DPDK technology for inspecting small packets in an efficient manner. On the hardware security aspect, UP-2010 comes with TPM design for cryptographic keys. For data consistency, UP-2010 supports DDR3 ECC memories to secure data flow.

Though built in 1U rackmount network appliance, UP-2010 delivers high-density LAN ports. The appliance comes with 24 x 1GbE RJ45 LAN ports and two 10GbE SPF+ ports. With IEEE 802.3at compliance to offer up to 30W per port power supply. Empowered by Marvell® Prestera® 98DX3035 processor, UP-2010 can accelerate switching processes for its stuffed LAN ports, making UP-2010 capable of functioning as an exceptional network switch. UP-2010 also comes with redundant power supply.

With security-enabled CPU, high-port density, switch accelerating design, UP-2010 is the economical solution with functions of firewall/UTM, network switch, SSL, Wi-Fi controllers, network segmentations and IP related applications for SMEs. With UP-2010, not only IT agility is achieved, tremendous potential maintenance cost is saved.

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