SD-WAN Boosts Cable Serviceability for Multi-Site Enterprise Connectivity

SD-WAN Boosts Cable Serviceability for Multi-Site Enterprise Connectivity


Cable MSOs (multiple-system operators) are going to challenge telecom’s long market dominance in enterprise services, with the new power by SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN). Cable providers are benefited with the SDN technology enabling them to serve large, multi-site corporations. With SD-WAN, cable MSOs can leverage their existing coaxial connectors with Gigabit Internet speeds enabled by adopting DOCSIS 3.1 technology, thus they do not have to rely on fiber alone. In other words, SD-WAN allow cable services to offer more flexible and affordable services and connectivity for multi-site enterprises than the currently employed MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) services to integrate all the cloud applications, such as VoIP, ADC and VPN, among distributed branches.


SD-WAN allows service providers to provision branch office WAN connectivity through a software abstraction layer that abstracts the network hardware characteristics, and it is free of proprietary hardware placement. In other words, the hardware is decoupled by the use of software-defined VNF (virtualized network functions). Therefore, it is highly recommended to adopt white-box hardware gateway as vCPE or uCPE in this transformative network infrastructure with the following technological requirements.

DOCSIS 3.1 for Gigabit Internet Service

As mentioned earlier, the traditional coaxial cables must meet DOCSIS 3.1 to be Gigabit-ready.

SD-WAN for multi-site enterprise by white-box vCPE/uCPE

SD-WAN offers greater flexibility and scalability to manage WAN connections for enterprises with multiple branches. In order to establish SD-WAN, it is suggested to go with white-box vCPE/uCPE hardware for VNF deployment. Also, white-box hardware are more affordable and cost-effective than proprietary counterparts.

Multi-Core Processor with Virtualization Engine

The optimal white-box hardware shall be in open architecture and powered by multi-core processor and virtualization engine to run various VNFs.

Multiple Gigabit LAN ports

Multiple Gigabit LAN I/O offers greater networking throughput in vCPE/uCPE deployments.

Advanced LAN Bypass

In case of network interruption, the advanced LAN bypass provides a fault-tolerant measure for traffic flow.

NIC Module Expansion

The optimal white-box hardware must be designed with NIC module expansion sockets in case of future bandwidth expansion or additional functionality, such as more LAN I/Os or higher storage capacity.

Wireless Connectivity

In a virtualized network infrastructure, wireless connectivity plays a key role and thus, the white-box hardware shall provide mini-PCI Express sockets for installation of wireless network modules.

Lanner End-to-End SD-WAN Solutions

Lanner, with long experience and dedication in making network appliances, is capable of developing customized, white-box SD-WAN gateway with rich Gigabit LAN configurations, multi-core processors and compatibility with mainstream security VNFs.

Lanner possesses a wide portfolio of white-box hardware to be deployed as vCPE or uCPE, all built by Intel x86 open architecture with choices of Intel® Atom C2000/C3000 and Xeon D-1500 processors. The core count varies from 2 to 16 cores to run multiple VNFs in a single white-box appliance.

Designed for security or virtualization VNF deployment, Lanner’s white-box appliances are empowered by Intel hardware-assisted acceleration engines like DPDK, SR-IOV, AES-NI and QuickAssist.

Depending on application requests, the I/O configurations can be customized with a wide configuration of 4 to 16 GbE ports or 10 Gbps SFP ports. Internally, all the white box appliances by Lanner are built in with mini-PCIe sockets for wireless connectivity modules compliant with Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE standards.

For further information about Lanner’s valued white box vCPE/uCPE gateways, please see NCA-4010, NCA-2510, FW-7551SE, and NCA-1210 on our official website.

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