Wireless SD-WAN – LTE Rugged uCPE for Delivering Low-Latency Services at Remote Sites

LTE Rugged uCPE for Delivering Low-Latency Services at Remote Sites

At present, a 5G network is expected to connect to an unprecedented number of IoT devices, most of them streaming data-intensive applications in distributed and remote areas with limited connectivity. However, for 5G edge services in critical networks, users still expect high-bandwidth communications, agile network services and carrier-grade reliable connectivity. To overcome this limitation, system integrators require mission-critical wireless SD-WAN technology, through combining the bandwidth of multiple cellular providers and WAN technology into a single VPN connection. This technology enables security, reliable connectivity and service agility even in remote locations with cellular dead spots. Deployed in the remote areas like construction sites, greenhouses, mobile broadcast vehicles, or even modern rail wayside, Lanner's industrial-grade uCPE platforms feature environmental rugged design, and multi-5G/LTE and WiFi connectivity. With built-in hardware security features, these wireless uCPE platforms can deliver virtualization-optimized computing and failover connectivity for mission-critical, high available industrial SD-WAN applications.

Requirement for Wireless Rugged uCPE

  • Environmental Ruggedness

    ■ Wide Temperature ■ MIL-STD-810G ■ IP67 Rated

  • Wireless Connectivity

    ■ LTE/5G Connection ■ Modular Design ■ WiFi 6 Ready

  • Build-in Hardware Security

    ■ BIOS Security ■ Onboard TPM 2.0 ■ Crypto Acceleration

  • Remote Management

    ■ SSL Certified Web UI ■ Network IP Configure ■ KVM/ Firmware / Power

Usage Scenario

  • Border Security
  • Remote Construction Sites
  • Remote Video Production