The N2S-MHM202A: Realizing Race-to-Zero Network Performance

Lanner today announced the release of the N2S-MHM202A, a NIC module powered by Mellanox (now NVIDIA Networking) ConnectX®-5 EN. 

The road to 5G and IoT is very much a “race-to-zero” competition, one that demands zero latency and zero compromise when it comes to network performance. Such demand, however, can not be achieved by software alone; latency elimination and packet rates optimization must also be handled by hardware implementations. 

The N2S-MHM202A‘s onboard ConnectX®-5 EN dual-port adapter delivers 2x 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, speedy packet rates and almost zero latency performance, making the N2S-MHM202A the ideal module solution for optimizing load-balancing and for achieving real-time zero-latency, two of the most imperative musts for data centers handling high data volume applications such as telecom, CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) and Cloud RAN.

According to Mellanox (now NVIDIA Networking), “ConnectX-5 Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing (ASAP2™) technology enhances offloading of virtual switches and virtual routers” and “together with native RoCE and DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) support, ConnectX-5 dramatically improves Cloud and NFV platform efficiency.”

The N2S-MHM202A‘s standout features can be summarized as below:

•  ConnectX-5 EN
•  Lanner N2S Standard
•  Max. 2x 100 GbE Fiber Ports
•  Gen3 PCIe x16

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N2S NIC Module with ConnectX-5 EN & 2x 100 GbE Fiber Ports

CPU None
Chipset ConnectX-5 EN

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