SASE Appliances Enable the Most Agile Edge Security

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is an emerging cybersecurity architecture that was introduced by Gartner. SASE brings together the functions of networking and security into a cohesive, cloud-based service that empowers IT departments to provide an all-inclusive, agile, and versatile service to branch office and remote workforce. SASE converges SD-WAN architecture with multiple network security functions, and thus forms a unified, globally distributed network topology, particularly beneficial for enterprises with multiple locations.

In one aspect, SASE offers the agility and simplicity through software-defined traffic prioritization, load-balancing and WAN optimization. On the other hand, SASE moves the network security functions out of traditional on-premise equipment to the cloud and edge. Gartner predicts that by 2024, at least 40% of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE. (Source: Gartner)

Features of SASE Appliances

As the leading uCPE platform provider with 35-year experience in offering network platforms for the tier 1 cybersecurity companies, Lanner provides complete hardware solution for embracing SASE. Pre-validated by over 20+ ecosystem partners, Lanner's SASE appliances help solution providers benefit from the multi-vendor solutions with time-to-market flexibility, service chaining agility and reduced total cost of ownership.

  • Optimized Network Performance

    ■ Full Range of x86 Processors
    ■ Packet Acceleration
    ■ Virtualization Acceleration
    ■ Crypto Acceleration

  • Time-to-market Deployment

    ■ 20+ SD-WAN Partners
    ■ Global Homologation
    ■ Remote Lab Testing
    ■ In-house Manufacturing

  • High Degree of Customization

    ■ 1~100G NIC Modules
    ■ Customizable BIOS
    ■ Full Branding Services
    ■ LTE/WiFi Support

Security - Inside Out

Lanner SASE appliances are protected with firmware/BIOS-based security features, offering integrated crypto acceleration, BIOS authentication and IPMI remote management to enable WAN efficiency without compromising on security

Remote Evaluation

Evaluate your solution on Lanner's latest platforms and get results immediately with Leap™ Remote Evaluation Program, which allows you to upload your OS or any applications on Lanner's Intel®-based desktop and rackmount network appliances.

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