Podcast: Defining the Network Edge – Intel® Chip Chat Network Insights

Defining the Edge is not always obvious. Creating the right edge architecture for compute, networking and storage are the foundation to a successful 5G launch.

Sven Freudenfeld, Chief Technology Officer, Telecom Application Business Unit at Lanner joins Intel® Chip Chat Network Insights to discuss new white boxes for uCPE and the continued roll out and growth of SD-WAN.

In this interview, Sven considers next steps in the network development to sustain the network and computing demand with low latency requirements and disaggregated systems. Sven describes how Multi-Access Edge Computing, a key focus for Lanner, combines storage and networking which demands improved scalability and multi-access for edge devices.

Lanner recently launched MEC solution developed in collaboration with Noviflow, Fortinet, as well as Intel’s Barefoot Networks. Optimized for simple, scalable, and secure services at the network edge, the Lanner HybridTCA™ Series is the white-box MEC hardware platform that aggregates up to (12) 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, with two high-speed P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino switching ASICs, and massive storage with support for precision time protocol (PTP), as an all-in-one modular appliance.

Lanner is an Intel® Select Solutions partner, with the following products: Lanner uCPE NCA-4020 which was made commercially available in 2018; Lanner NCA-6210, now a Certified Intel® Select Solution for Visual Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) to Accelerate Next-Gen CDN Deployments, launched in September 2019.

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