NoviFlow VisualAnalytics Enables Instant Visualization of the Operational Health of the Lanner MEC Scalable Platform

Solution leverages NoviFlow’s CyberMapper™ to monitor, collect dynamically information and visualize health and status of Lanner’s HTCA-6600 MEC platform

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, October 15, 2020 / — NoviFlow® Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance SDN security network fabric and programmable network solutions, today announced VisualAnalytics for the Lanner Electronics HTCA-6600 Segment Routing via SRv6 solution optimized for the network edge, as part of its CyberMapper™ Domain Specific Controller (DSC) application.

Existing data collection systems primarily focus on ingesting information about the network and host system availability. This gives you a limited view of the health of your systems. VisualAnalytics focuses on the whole platform, ingesting data points from the hardware layer up to the application layer giving you visualizations of the operational health of your whole system. When an anomaly is observed, access to the complete stack makes it easy to correlate information from different systems aiding in the troubleshooting.

Visualizing data also makes it easy to spot long term trends, issues that may affect service. This enables action to be taken before a loss of service, or to reduce truck rolls through scheduled maintenance. -Software running on Lanner HTCA-6600 MEC platform -Provides an end-to-end view of the MEC platform for hardware and software troubleshooting.

Deployed with Intel®’s Barefoot Tofino programmable switch fabric empowered by NoviFlow’s NoviWare Network Operating System, the solution leverages the performance and flexibility of P4 as a programming and control language for Software Defined Networking to provide instant visibility into the health of status of not only the network blades of the platform, but the state of the compute and storage resources as well, both hardware and software.

Key capabilities and benefits of the solution include:

  • “Green is Go” dashboard: ingests hundreds of data streams and millions of data points, and presents key information in a simple dashboard, taking the complexity and time out of understanding the operational health
  • Flexible pipeline by design: makes ingesting new types of datapoints is easy, allowing NoviFlow to adapt VisualAnalytics to fit all of your data collection needs and to integrate VisualAnalytics with other data collection systems in your network
  • Escape the tyranny of Big Data: With Visual Analytics, you keep a high granularity of information that is processed at the edge and only send summary reports or anomalies to the centralized network collector
  • Drilling down on log files visually: VisualAnalytics centralizes the repository for system log files and makes them fully searchable visually. This allows you to drill down on system events and correlated data across multiple servers. You no longer need to read through log files, you see the log files!

Says Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO of NoviFlow, “NoviFlow is continually expanding the capabilities of SDN and programmable forwarding planes to change how MEC platforms, such as Lanner Electronics’ HTCA-6600 family, can become a far more actively engaged in generating new revenues and reducing the operating costs of network operators and enterprises. CyberMapper with VisualAnalytics provides a compelling new option for the modernization and optimization of service deployments within a carrier network, with unprecedented price performance and scalability.”

According to Sven Freudenfeld, CTO at Lanner Electronics: “The challenge when deploying edge compute platform in a distributed deployment model, compared to a centralized datacenter model, is how to provision, monitor, and manage compute, networking and storage amongst components such as power, cooling and other elements, and remotely introduce zero-touch provisioning in a software-defined environment. Traditionally, multiple edge sites needed costly truck-rolls for deployment, monitoring, reconfigurations and troubleshooting. When combined with NoviFlow’s Virtual Analytics, the Lanner MEC platform provides true zero-touch deployment,” he added.

NoviFlow is a world leader in new generation programmable network fabrics. NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS and CyberMapper Domain Specific Controller (DSC) optimize deployment costs, elastically scale services, and enable their deployment anywhere in the network, anytime, with full and accurate network visibility. They also reduce network complexity and minimize the cyberattack surface by implementing key network functionalities such as load-balancing, packet filtering and traffic redirection directly in the network fabric. NoviFlow’s VisualAnalytics also provides an end-to-end view of Lanner’s HTCA-6600 platform, with remote management, simplified provisioning and enabling automation.

NoviFlow’s VisualAnalytics solution will be presented at NoviFlow and Lanner’s virtual booths as part of the Layer123 SDN & NFV World Congress being held on-line October 12-15, 2020.

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