NCS2-VT04: Powered By Intel® Tiger Lake U, Designed For Video Transcoding

In order to meet the demand for compute-intensive video processing capabilities needed in the server domain, Lanner today announced the release of the NCS2-VT04, a high-performance video transcoding NIC module powered by Intel® i7-1185G7E or Celeron® 6305E CPU, codenamed Tiger Lake U.

The NCS2-VT04 supports 10bit HEVC encoding and is therefore capable of compressing a raw video feed at its source, allowing for as much as 50% lower bandwidth consumption when compared to the H.264 standard codec. Efficient transcoding is imperative for transporting high quality and bandwidth-hungry video content, often stored and streamed from the Cloud.

Network platforms with the NCS2-VT04 could be deployed in compute-intensive and mission-critical applications found in today’s network and video convergence as the Intel® Tiger Lake U CPUs support high graphic processing, DDR4 memory and virtualization technologies needed by all video-on-demand services for carrying out de-interlacing, image scaling, frame rate conversion and graphical acceleration.

By utilizing the latest Intel® technology, Lanner’s NCS2-VT04, a front-facing and easily swappable add-on module compatible with Lanner’s x86 network appliances, optimizes video transcoding for high-volume video delivery.

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Video Transcoding NIC Module Powered By Intel® i7-1185G7E or Celeron® 6305E CPU (Codenamed Tiger Lake U)

Chipset Intel® Tiger Lake U (i7/Celeron)

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