MBX Adds Lanner Partnership for Taiwan-Based System Manufacturing

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill., Sept. 24, 2019 – Custom server hardware manufacturer MBX Systems today announced a partnership with Lanner Electronics, a Taiwan-based provider of advanced whitebox solutions that also offers hardware/software integration for turnkey delivery of finished systems. The partnership enables MBX customers to have their Lanner-based platforms imaged, tested, configured and shipped directly from Lanner’s Taiwan plant for fast turnaround, while also giving Lanner and its customers full access to MBX’s unique manufacturing controls, inventory management programs, and global logistics and export compliance capabilities.

The faster time to market is achieved by consolidating base server build and imaging operations in Taiwan as well as eliminating extra touch time required to box, ship and unbox base units sent from Taiwan to MBX’s manufacturing headquarters in the U.S.

Lanner is the first MBX partner authorized to use MBX Forge, an award-winning manufacturing image, test and verification platform designed to support complex assembly and testing needs as well as both high-variability and volume production. Forge™ onboards each customer platform without the time and expense of a custom setup and also automates manufacturing processes with quality control, security and scalability features unavailable from any other hardware integrator.

Both MBX and Lanner customers also benefit from:

  • End-to-end MBX support services, including consultative engineering, product lifecycle management, build-to-stock or build-to-forecast inventory management, global logistics, and an extensive menu of warranty options
  • Centralized hardware program management with MBX Hatch, an exclusive cloud-based toolset that combines order and inventory tracking with features such as work-in-progress status by work center, manufacturing test results, engineering change management, and easy configuration of even the most complex platforms in a single interface for the first time
  • The option to stock finished product at MBX facilities in Chicago, MBX Netherlands for pan-European orders, or other forward stocking depots to meet global needs

“This partnership offers an efficient fulfillment model for customers who use Lanner whitebox solutions, particularly those in the IoT, telecom, embedded and utility sectors where Lanner specializes,” said Justin Formella, MBX Chief Strategy Officer. “Technology providers using this option still get the full complement of MBX-exclusive manufacturing orchestration tools and high-touch support services while also taking advantage of shorter turnaround times made possible by integrating systems in Taiwan.”

“The fact that we offer both hardware manufacturing and integration services under the same roof streamlines the delivery of finished systems. Units can be imaged as they are built. That’s a big plus,” said Geoffrey Egger, Vice President and General Manager IoT BU at Lanner Electronics. “This expanded strategic relationship with MBX combines the strengths of both companies to create a time-saving alternative that increases competitiveness for both MBX and Lanner customers.”

About Lanner Whitebox Solutions™

By leveraging our expertise in network security and IT edge computing, Lanner Whitebox Solutions™ provide a true white box networking platforms that meet most of the specifications that customers are looking for, as well as WiFi and LTE certifications that enable them to be used globally. Learn more: https://www.lanner-america.com/products/

About MBX Systems

MBX Systems provides custom computing hardware manufacturing backed by an extensive software and services ecosystem for technology companies that deliver complex products on turnkey hardware, providing customized support for each customer’s unique requirements. The MBX ecosystem features an interactive toolset called MBX Hatch™ to orchestrate data and action. Advanced features such as configurable products, work in progress tracking, and engineering change management provide customers with clear hardware traceability and enable better product decisions. Hardware solutions are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities using the award-winning Forge™ infrastructure developed by MBX to automate customers’ high variability manufacturing requirements for faster time to market.