LEC-2580: Optimizing Neural Processing Workloads for Deep Learning Vision Solutions

The LEC-2580, powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-6600U, Core™ i5-6300U and Core™ i3-6100U processors is a PTCRB certified IPC that features flexible storage, rich I/O, network interface and scalable expansion such as mini-PCIe slots.

By leveraging Intel’s industry leading embedded deep learning toolk OpenVINO and Myriad X VPU’s for modular, low-power and cost-effective edge vision processing, Lanner has successfully demonstrated the LEC-2580‘s hardware/software capability for a seamless integration with pluggable Intel Movidius accelerator engine, giving rise to a developer-friendly and robust deep learning vision solution, the LEC-2580, for intelligent surveillance, traffic management, access control, retail and beyond.

This is a two-pronged approach where Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit accelerates development and enables quick integrations of pre-trained models (e.g. Tensorflow, Caffe, etc.) for object recognition, classification and facial recognition in vision-based solutions whereas Lanner’s modular approach to network appliances provides a clear path for engineers looking to optimize their neural processing workloads using Intel’s Vision Processing Units integrated through standard mini-PCIe expansion slots.

Such approach not only improves hardware-software integration and resilience in rugged, embedded and mobile applications where protruding dongles are less than ideal but also simplifies the deployment of reliable edge solutions for existing vision-based systems/cameras found at intersections, traffic-stops, checkpoints, parking lots, entrances and remote stations, harnessing edge vision processing for automation, optimization and assisted remote management.

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High-performance IPC with IntelR 6th Gen Skylake Core? i7/i5/i3 CPU

CPU IntelR Core? i7-6600U/i5-6300U/i3- 6100U
Chipset AMI 128Mbit SPI Flash BIOS

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