Lanner’s Value-Added Software Technologies

Network security management is never a standardized market. In fact, client requirements are mostly project-based, application-oriented so that customization is imperative to meet the exact demands. As a global leader in network appliances, Lanner has decades of experience and expertise in customizing hardware platforms with high degree of flexibility and scalability to fulfill the required specifications.

As today’s implementations and deployments are becoming ever complicated, hardware solutions are not enough to meet the mission-critical applications so that Lanner also provides value-added software technologies to be implemented in our hardware platforms for end-to-end production services. Our software technologies can be pre-programmed based on your customization demands or operating environments. The following will discuss current software technologies by Lanner and how they function.

Open Source BIOS

Unlike traditional BIOS, Open Source BIOS requires very minimal hardware initialization and then skip to loading Linux kernel and the Linux OS will handle the rest of the booting process. All OpenBIOS is doing is to load code bases like bootloaders and let the system run. One widely used bootloader is Coreboot.

The OS booting simplification by OpenBIOS has been widely accepted in specific applications where only necessary hardware functions are required to reduce the time consumption in the boot-up process. This will provide users the convenience to configure their systems and allow them to boot installed operating system from various boot devices, including HDD/SSD, flash storage devices, CD/DVD ROM, USB devices or other bootable storages.

Lanner’s Rangeley-based FW-7551 and Haswell-based LEC-6040 fully support OpenBIOS firmware “coreboot” to deliver fast OS boot and high flexibility in operating system management. By supporting coreboot, FW-7551 and LEC-6040 can save tremendous of time and cost in booting, maintenance, hardware implementation and user configurations. Under Linux kernel environments, users of FW-7551 and LEC-6040 can easily boot the OS from various bootable devices, without being restricted to standard hardware peripherals.

Overall Benefits:

  • Open Source firmware – royalty free
  • Quick boot-up
  • Simplified BIOS setup
  • Ready on FW-7551 Rangeley platform and LEC-6040 Haswell platform
  • Easy and fast update
  • Simple maintenance
  • Minimal hardware requirements

Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools are Lanner’s exclusive program implementation that allows users to diagnose hardware status without the usage of additional storage device. The diagnostic tools are self-testing mechanism built in BIOS and the users can utilize it to detect any occurrence of failure to installed hardware.

Unlike DOS or proprietary BIOS settings, our engineers integrate the Embedded Linux (x86_64-bit) to implement diagnostic tools. So far the tools are supported on our Intel Rangeley based products and are capable of conducting the following diagnoses:

  • RTC Check
  • MAC Address Check
  • BIOS version Check
  • CPU Type Check
  • Memory Size Check
  • PCI List Check
  • Stress Test
  • PKTGEN Test
  • HW Monitor Check
  • LED Status Check

The benefits of Lanner’s diagnostic tools in BIOS include the following:

  • Integrated Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Independent from storage devices
  • No additional OS installation

Overall Features:

  • Built in BIOS
  • Integrated Embedded Linux OS
  • Self-testing
  • Independent from storage device
  • No additional OS installation
  • Conduct tests for RTC, MAC Address, BIOS version, CPU type, memory size, PCI list,
  • Stress test, HDPARM_USB, PKTGEN, HW monitor and LED status

Hardware Integration System (HiS)

Hardware Integration System (HiS) is Lanner’s exclusive system design that integrates hardware functionalities including GPIO, Digital Input/Output, Watchdog Timer, Hardware Monitor, LED, chassis open/close detection, PIO, terminator and serial COM port settings. HiS is innovated to reduce time consumption in managing the hardware and peripherals collectively on a motherboard, while saving development cost as hardware features are integrated.

Technically, Lanner products that are designed with ICH 7/8 chipset, and/or Super I/O chips F81865, F81866 or F75111 are able to support HiS applications. Successfully tested product models include LEC-3101, LEB-2430 and LVC-5000. More I/O chips and more product lines will support HiS feature in the near future.

Overall Features:

  • Integrates onboard hardware features including GPIO, LED, COM, Watchdog, Digital Input/Output, PIO and terminator.
  • Save management time and development cost for engineers.
  • APIs available for easier setup.
  • Currently supported in products with ICH 7/8 chipset, and/or Super I/O chips F81865, F81866 or F75111.

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