Lanner Releases 2nd Gen. Dual BIOS Support for Network Appliances

BIOS startup failure is not uncommon as it occurs oftentimes after power failure, mishandled BIOS update, or a malware attack. When it happens, not only will the recovering procedures be time-consuming, but, in the worst case, will require sending the appliance back to the manufacturer.

Lanner Dual BIOS

To ensure security and system restoration issues, since 2018 Lanner appliances has featured the Dual BIOS function, which supports two physical BIOS ROMs soldered onto the motherboard with two separate BIOS images. The Primary BIOS carries the image for system bootup, the parameters of which can be overwritten, while the Recovery BIOS carries the image locked to the factory default, which guarantees a safe and successful system bootup. If the Primary BIOS is not functioning correctly and fails to respond within 7 minutes, the system will invoke a bootup from the Recovery BIOS, automatically restart the system and launch the operating system.

Lanner 2nd Gen. Dual BIOS

To provide increased flexibility and usage protection, today Lanner released the 2nd Gen Dual BIOS function on the newly released Lanner appliances NCA-6520. The 2nd Gen Dual BIOS supports new features:

Flexible recovery timer control

Users can designate the amount of time before recovery BIOS launch. The amount of time is no longer fixed to 7 minutes.

Flexible Dual BIOS ROMs control.

Users can flash both the primary BIOS and secondary BIOS, thus run different versions of BIOS ROMS independently for maximum compatibility.

Flexible Dual BIOS ROMs switch

The 2nd Gen Dual BIOS allow users to choose one of the BIOS ROMS (primary BIOS/secondary BIOS) for booting up. Use software command prompt to toggle between primary BIOS and secondary BIOS.

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