Lanner Presents In-Vehicle Workload Consolidation Solution at ITS World Congress 2019

At ITS World Congress 2019, Lanner presented in-vehicle workload consolidation solution and will demonstrate the proof-of-concept of software-hardware decoupling in real-world application consolidation. This next-generation in-vehicle solution is designed to help asset owners reduce their hardware investments and simplify system maintenance and managements. Lanner’s in-vehicle edge computer, V6S, is designed to run consolidated workloads in real-world applications with its processing capability and ruggedness. Powered by the 7th Generation Intel Core™ processor (formerly Kaby Lake), V6S addresses the workload demands in applications such as surveillance NVR, fleet management and other telematics applications. V6S, being the robust vehicle edge computer, can operate under wide temperature range (-20~60°C), to meet the reliability required for in-vehicle environments.

“Most of the in-vehicle applications today, like contactless payments, surveillance and fleet management are still relying on proprietary, dedicated computing equipments”, said Geoffrey Egger, VP and GM of IoT Business Unit of Lanner. “However, in the past few years, the industry is demanding an interoperable and integrated solution to consolidate all the various applications on a single platform to reduce efforts in workload management and system maintenance and thus minimize the costs”.

At ITS World Congress 2019, Lanner showcased the proof-of-concept for in-vehicle workload consolidation on its V6S vehicle computer. During the demonstration, V6S was deployed to run 4 different applications, including video surveillance from Digiever, fleet management from Arknav, contactless payment from ChiefPay and security router OpenWRT.

With the long-experienced expertise in designing computing devices for vehicle gateways, Lanner not only develops a highly sophisticated vehicle computing platform but also works out the service-level architecture by using the latest virtualization technology. In addition, the solution presented by Lanner at ITS World Congress 2019 demonstrates the capability of integrating multiple vertical applications for vehicle settings.

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