Lanner HTCA-6000 Series now Comply with Open Network Linux (ONL) & Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)

Lanner Electronics, Inc. (TAIEX 6245), a global leader in NFVi-ready hardware solutions, today announced that our HTCA-6000 series network appliances have been successfully ported onto Open Network Linux (ONL) and Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), projects of OCP (Open Compute Project). The successful porting indicates that the switch blades built in HTCA-6000 lineup can support ONIE bootloader and ONL network operating system. In other words, HTCA-6000 series have been validated as OCP compatible.

Since the last validation by Broadcom OpenNSL (Open Network Switch Library), the engineer teams of Lanner have moved forward to the next step into OCP projects by porting Lanner’s HTCA-6000 series onto open compute environments: ONL (Open Network Linux) and ONIE (Open Network Install Environments). With the successful porting, HTCA-6000 product lines have become OCP-compatible. Customers, developers and users of HTCA-6000 series are now able to implement their SDN related functions and execute Open Compute projects onto the HTCA network appliances. For instance, they can execute ONIE bootloader as well as network-operating Linux.

Lanner’s HybridTCA (HTCA) system is based on carrier-grade architecture to accommodate external blades in order to integrate emerging network technologies, such as upcoming 5G Mobile Edge Computing, Cloud RAN and vEPC. The HTCA hardware systems provides high-density 100 GbE switch silicon, high-buffer switching for data center interconnect and telecom applications, as well as network processing and compute options for Virtualized Network Function (VNF) applications. Lanner’s HybridTCA platforms are designed to enable operators, switch vendors, software partners and Open Source communities to collaborate in new open network use cases with a flexible, modular and high-bandwidth switch/server platform.

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