Lanner Foundation organizes tour exhibition to raise awareness for the less privileged

March 9th, 2018 – Lanner Foundation of Culture and Education has invited Light Children Association to launch a 2-month exhibition themed “Love – Endless Possibility” at Lanner Corporate Gallery, where children with rare diseases have the opportunity to present their artwork, which symbolize their unparalleled courage and persistency against long-term health threats.

There are approximately 3,000 children with rare diseases, receiving frequent medication including various drugs and injections, which severely weakens their vigor and bodies, and thus, they are unable to attend schools. They can only study at home. However, despite the suffering from a rare disease, they still embrace hopes towards their teachers, books and any learning materials, they show no sign of giving up.

These children’s ultimate hope is to healthily return to school and sit in the classroom with classmates to have the normal school life like any other. They hope to read, learn and paint with color crayons. Therefore, instructors of Light Children Association contact families with kids suffering rare diseases and voluntarily offer 1-on-1 tutoring at their homes or in hospital wards to help the suffering kids learn and draw. The instructors also call up other volunteers to help learning.

Lanner sincerely hopes the public pays sufficient attention to these lovely kids who convey their thoughts and determination through paintings, despite the harm from rare diseases. They continue to paint and draw as a way to present their values and express their dreams without any constraint in their minds. Let us give them a hand and be the ones to help enlighten their lives.