Lanner and National Taiwan University Join Forces to Research High-Speed Signaling and Wireless Network Security

With the development of new-generation technologies, such AI, edge computing, 5G, and network virtualization, enterprises require ever-higher signaling speeds without compromising security and flexibility. Contributing its expertise in network appliances, industrial computers, embedded computers, and more, Lanner has joined forces with the National Taiwan University’s (NTU) Department of Electrical Engineering to conduct academic research regarding high-speed signaling and wireless network security.

High Speed Signaling

With the increase in traffic brought on by 5G networks, high-speed signaling for network equipment is critical for providing low-latency services. At an event, Professor Wu Ruei-Pei of NTU’s Department of Electrical Engineering introduced his research results, which delved into the topic of high-speed communication interfaces for the design of high-speed serial communication technologies. With the title of “100 to 400GbE High-Speed Ethernet,” the report discusses how advanced carrier board design (materials, processes, impedance, Layout) can affect signal integrity, and through verification, proposes countermeasures to suppress signal attenuation and improve transmission quality.

Wireless Network Security

Professor Hong Yun-Hsieh from NTU’s Department of Electrical Engineering published a research report regarding wireless network security. In the report, he discusses the latest industry trends in wireless network security systems, including Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS). In the future, NTU and Lanner will work together to verify and optimize next-generation WIPS, and strengthen the wireless security of Lanner products.

In recent years, Lanner has strengthened its edge computing and industrial IoT offerings by enhancing network security. It has collaborated with world-class partners in various vertical markets to deliver white-label equipment for network virtualization (SDWAN and NFV) applications. Lanner has been recognized for excellence by many of the world’s top 20 telecom operators, including Verizon, and has completed the deployment of more than 200,000 enterprise SD-WAN sites. The partnership with NTU seeks to deepen industry-university exchanges and talent cultivation. Through exchanges with institutions like NTU, both in academic and practical terms, Lanners strives to provide customers with better solutions for the 5G era.