Lanner Aims to Deliver Intel® Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector

Lanner Electronics (TAIEX 6245), a global leader in Whitebox Solutions for uCPE/vCPE, today announced that Lanner will collaborate with Intel to deliver a new verified Intel® Select Solution for uCPE. This integrated and tested hardware/software solution combines industry-leading Lanner compute; and networking COTS platforms pre-configurated with ADVA’s Ensemble Connector highly scalable, high-performance virtualization platform. The new uCPE configuration will simplify and accelerate the process of selecting and deploying the uCPE needed for today’s SDN/NFV applications.

Whitebox Solutions for uCPE: Lanner NCA-4020

Lanner NCA-4020 is the whitebox network platform slated for verification as an Intel Select Solution for uCPE (expected in Q3’18 ). Optimized as a uCPE platform for network virtualization, NCA-4020 features 8/12/16-core Intel® Xeon® D-2100 processors, 10x GbE RJ45 (8 Port PoE+), 4x 10G SFP, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) for improved network performance. The NCA-4020 delivers significant performance enhancement in running multiple virtual network functions VNFs in SD-WAN, reduces testing and validation efforts, and accelerates time-to-market deployment.

Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE

The Intel Select Solution for uCPE is a ready-to-build reference design that enables OEMs, system integrators, and service providers to deliver SD-WAN solutions to their customers in a completed offering to meet or even exceed required performance and capability specifications. The Intel Select Solution for uCPE is designed to accelerate network transformation and help communications service providers and enterprises respond to evolving network needs more effectively and rapidly.

Intel Select Solutions for uCPE now includes ADVA’s Ensemble Connector as a flexible and scalable network operating system, which is responsible for providing a framework for network connectivity as well as management and orchestration of highly distributed Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). The virtualization platform provides the network OS layer that provides the NFV framework on the Lanner COTS platform.

“While SDN and NFV have transformed the traditional network architecture from legacy, proprietary devices to network disaggregation, it is critical to ensure seamless hardware and software integration for optimized virtualized throughputs and best-in-class performance. In conjunction with Intel Select Solutions for uCPE, Lanner provides a variety of whitebox solutions that support a wide range of use cases at the network edge, bringing together advanced networking and network computing expertise to the platform solution.” said Jeans Tseng, VP and GM of Telecom Application Business Unit at Lanner.

About Lanner Electronics Inc.

Lanner Electronics Inc (TAIEX 6245) is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced and customizable SDN and NFV network computing appliances for system integrators, service providers and application developers. Lanner possesses a wide range of network appliances including vCPE gateways designed for SD-WAN and SD-Security, as well as NEBS-compliant, NFVi-ready platforms with multiple processors, network I/O blades, and high availability features.

About Intel® Select Solutions

Intel Select Solutions are verified solutions configurations that are aimed to speed selection and deployment of data center and communications network infrastructure. The solutions are developed from deep Intel experience with industry solution providers, as well as extensive collaboration with the world’s leading data center and service providers.

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Next-gen vCPE/uCPE Platform for Accelerated SD-WAN Deployment

CPU Intel® Xeon D-2100 8~16 Cores Processor (codenamed Skylake-DE)
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