Lanner Adds Redfish API Support for its BMC Platforms

Lanner today announces that its BMC platforms now supports Redfish API, a human-readable Platform Management standard API designed to deliver efficient and secure resource management for Lanner network appliances.

More recently, enterprise organizations are transitioning to demand-drive dynamic scaling solutions, requiring a new usage model for resource management, whereas traditional platform standards are unable to sufficiently manage hybrid infrastructure models, or multi-node server deployment. Customers now require a comprehensive API that is capable of managing modern infrastructures, compatible with structures and security models that are common in cloud computing ecosystems, and compliant with web protocols and industry standards.

Redfish boosts an intuitive modern interface that is built to display information directly to the modern tool chain, leveraging widely-used tools to optimize resource development and utilization.

Redfish features and benefits

Lanner’s Redfish solution enables users to perform various commands and actions, including simple program configuration and maintenance tasks, with extensions for customization and value addition. Redfish API provides flexible implementation on several compatible platforms and operating systems to reduce vendor lock-in. In addition to its low memory footprint, the API is exceedingly responsive to ensue increased productivity. Lanner’s Redfish API supports DMTF Redfish standard multi-vendor network configurations with scalability, resulting in a seamless server management experience.

Redfish offers a simple single root endpoint that expands to reveal a well-structured collection of managers, systems, chassis and service endpoints, providing access in single shot or sessions command operations, allowing users to manage and monitor hardware in polled and event driven models. Redfish API is secure, scalable, and extensible with additional next-generation infrastructure properties.


IPMI Command

Redfish Command

Get user info

0x2e 0x1 0x1

GET /user/1

Add user

0x2e 0x2 0x1

plus many user info bytes

POST /user/1

plus readable user info

Update user info

0x2e 0x3 0x1

plus many user info bytes

PUT /user/1

plus readable user info

Delete user

0x2e 0x4 0x1

DELETE /user/1

Comparison of IPMI and Redfish Command

Redfish API uses HTTP protocol over a TCP/IP network, using either HTTPS, OData, OpenAPI, JSON data schemas for easy integration with existing internet standards and modern tool chains to perform system management tasks. The infrastructure facilitates configuring of network settings and multi-account management for modern host servers and meet system administrator demands in this present time and future.