Lanner Adds Edge AI Accelerator Module NCS2-NV02, Powered by NVIDIA Jetson® TX2 Processors to Expand Video Transcoding Platforms

To address the rapid bandwidth demands in video transcoding, Lanner today announced the launch of NCS2-NV02, a power-efficient high-performance video transcoding module powered by dual NVIDIA Jetson® TX2 Processors SoM (System-on-Module). The next-generation video transcoding module also features onboard Intel i350-AM2 to work seamlessly with dual NVIDIA processors. Regarding firmware upgrade, the module provides micro USB port for each NVIDIA Jetson TX2 SoM..

Other key features for NCS2-NV02:

  • Transcoding up to 10+ IPTV channels with one single NCS2-NV02 module.
  • Support 10bit HEVC video transcoding.
  • Compatible with NIC slot of Lanner rackmount appliances.
  • Optimized video transcoding to execute video analytics or surveillance Edge AI applications.

To learn more about Lanner video transcoding solution, please visit Lanner website:

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NCS2 Form Factor Edge AI Accelerating Module with NVIDIA Jetson® TX2 Processors

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