Lanner Addresses “Edge Consolidation for Future Manufacturing” at Smart Factory Forum 2018

Lanner addresses the subjects about SDN (Software-Defined Network) deployments and Edge Consolidation Server for IoT in future manufacturing, at Smart Factory Forum 2018”in September, organized by DIGITIMES to give a presentation about. During the presentation, Lanner discussed how software-hardware decoupling and App Store ecosystem establishment can save costs in equipment investment, while simplifying management and maintenance of production machines.

Rhino Fang, Product Manager of Lanner pointed out that smart manufacturing has become the buzzword driving enterprises to seek computer vision, motion control, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to seek production efficiency. However, there are obstacles. Currently, most enterprises either purchase proprietary, dedicated computing systems, like computer vision, motion control, SCADA and AI, or they continue on the existing legacy equipments with semi-automated production.

“However, the approaches mentioned previously are not considered as “smart” yet. In fact, complexity and costs are increased, as well as the training efforts. Thus, Lanner attempts to help enterprises transform by taking the “Software-Defined Everything (SDx)” approach and launches the Edge Consolidation Server (ECS). Users can stay with Lanner’s hardware, and implement VMs from various vendors to enable computer vision, motion control, SCADA, AI and cyber security software. Enterprises are no longer bounded by proprietary vendors. The goal to accomplish is“Software Defined IoT”. Lanner’s ECS platform SilosBreaker, named LEC-3340, will greatly cut hardware costs and simplify vendor management. Currently, ECS is integrated with the concept of App Store to build up a EaGoi solution cluster. This has been undergoing by working with multiple partners to establish an ecosystem”, further added by Rhino Fang, Product Manager of Lanner.

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