IoT Tech Expo: Lanner and NodeWeaver to Demo Joint IIoT Solution for Simplified Management and Orchestration of Edge Applications

Joint solution merges NodeWeaver’s edge cloud software with Lanner’s x86 IoT Gateway hardware, creating a turnkey platform for deploying and managing IoT in a variety of environments.

Santa Clara, CA, November 12, 2019 – Lanner Electronics, Inc. a leading, global manufacturer of network appliances, and NodeWeaver, a software-defined operating platform which simplifies the deployment, management, and orchestration of edge infrastructure and applications, have created an integrated solution that merges NodeWeaver’s edge cloud software with Lanner’s industrial platforms.

The majority of data and applications reside outside of traditional data centers or cloud environments – it is created and consumed at the edge, where due to bandwidth and latency constraints it is simply not feasible – technologically or economically – to push all data back to a centralized location for processing.

There is a need for a new kind of platform, which brings the simplicity and self-service ease of use to the kind of hardware that is used at the edge – systems that are very small and with limited power, in hostile environments for vibration, heat or humidity, with limited or no connectivity. Traditional cloud platforms were designed for hyperscale, core datacenter/public cloud deployments, which have much different requirements and constraints in terms of cost, complexity, and footprint compared to the distributed edge.

NodeWeaver provides the foundational platform for virtualizing the underlying hardware components and running any application (VM and/or container-based) at the far edge, the edge, Industrial/embedded and/or data center, with no user intervention. Optimized for the distributed edge, NodeWeaver is a reliable execution layer that installs on the bare metal of nearly any x86 hardware; an extensible platform which addresses the challenges of deploying, managing, and orchestrating edge infrastructure and applications in an autonomous and programmatic fashion.

“Nearly all of the tools currently available for managing edge infrastructure were originally designed for hyperscale. NodeWeaver recognizes that the functionality and architecture required to support the distributed edge is very different and requires a different approach,” stated Geoffrey Egger, VP and GM Lanner IOT BU. “Lanner is enthusiastic about helping to deliver edge solutions to industrial and commercial enterprise clients around the world with our best in class edge hardware.”

Lanner and NodeWeaver have tested and validated an integrated solution that combines Lanner’s industrial/edge/uCPE equipment and NodeWeaver’s highly flexible edge cloud platform. The joint solution enables service providers and enterprise clients to securely and cost-effectively manage edge infrastructure and applications. The integration of NodeWeaver and Lanner’s hardware platforms delivers reliability, flexibility, simplicity and cost advantages for delivering solutions at the edge.

Lanner designs and manufactures IIoT edge computing hardware and x86 IoT gateways with customizable features such as integrated LTE, Wifi, PoE, LAN bypass, removable SSD storage and Hardware Root of Trust. Many operate in extended temperatures and meet a variety of industry specific certs. Typical applications for Lanner hardware are remote monitoring, machine learning, machine vision, edge computing and MEC.

“Lanner’s leadership in uCPE and IIoT appliances is a great fit with NodeWeaver’s simple, flexible, and secure edge cloud solution,” said Carlo Daffara, NodeWeaver’s CEO. “We’re excited about the partnership with Lanner and the benefits it will bring to our customers.”

By integrating the flexibility of NodeWeaver’s software-based approach to edge clouds with Lanner’s versatile edge/industrial/uCPE hardware, the joint offering delivers an optimal approach for building profitable, flexible, and secure edge computing solutions.

About Lanner:

Lanner Electronics Inc. (TAIEX 6245) is a world-leading hardware provider in design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged industrial computers.

With over 30 years of experience, Lanner provides reliable and cost-effective computing platforms with high quality and performance. Today, Lanner has a large and dynamic manpower of over 1,000 well-experienced employees worldwide with the headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and subsidiaries in the US, Canada, and China.

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About NodeWeaver:

NodeWeaver is a universal edge fabric – a single software environment to run in a reliable way, any application anywhere, even on the smallest hardware devices. Our autonomic engine removes all the management tasks – configuration, adding or removing hardware, replacing components, even with heterogeneous hardware; the integrated optimization engine dynamically adapts the environment to meet any user requirement – with no need to explicitly provide commands. The result of 6 years of EU research projects, NodeWeaver is the first scalable platform designed to do one thing in a perfect way: run your applications, anywhere, without interruptions, without requiring user intervention at any time.

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