Introducing Lanner Platform Support Package for Accelerating Software Development

Lanner today introduced Lanner Platform Support Package (PSP), a home-grown SDK that simplifies, expedites and enhances application implementation. This support package is made available following a series of reliability and security validations conducted with manufacturing test sequences; hardware reliability, therefore, is ensured and enhanced.

Lanner PSP, supporting Linux/FreeBSD 11.2/12.1 on NCA-6210 and NCA-5220, unburdens software application developers from having to have a solid grasp of chipset specifications and driver architecture as such requirement is time-consuming and cost-ineffective.

In other words, Lanner PSP greatly speeds up users’ time-to-market as having access to the API paves a much more efficient way for utilizing chipsets, communication buses, and physical I/Os. What’s more, Lanner PSP also provides tools necessary for preventing any unexpected downtime that could potentially be caused by unforeseen environmental factors.

Having taken into consideration the efforts one must exert when maintaining and upgrading applications, Lanner PSP is designed to be flexible, updatable and upgradable at the modular level, meaning a simple re-initialization is all it needs to bring the updated and upgraded modules to their full functionalities.

Last but not least, Lanner PSP is backward compatible because it does grant control for API backward support, further alleviating users’ burdens during product development.

A list of supported functions contingent on the hardware design is as below:

  • Watchdog timer
  • General-purpose IO (GPIO)
  • Hardware monitoring (CPU temperature, fan speed rotation, power supply status)
  • Software reset button
  • System/Status LED
  • Lanner Gen3 LAN Bypass
  • LCD module
  • Ignition Control (Lanner LEC-Series)
  • G-Sensor & GPS (Lanner LEC-Series)
  • CAN bus (Lanner LEC-Series)

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