Interview at MWC 2018: Disaggregation & Multi-Vendor Virtualization on CPE, Edge & Core Network

Network virtualization has graduated from the PoC stages and is moving rapidly into deployments. First priority, CPE rollout to launch new cloud service to enterprise customers. The majority of service providers committed programs to transform the network starting with vCPE and SD-WAN and then re-architecture the central office in to mini datacenters for EDGE computing. 2018 seems the breakthrough to many service providers launching SD-WAN services.

Lanner has invested in the compute portfolio scaled for network virtualization using the expertise from the Network Security and telco aspect and launched the largest portfolio for SD-WAN, uCPE and Edge Computing. It also expanded its ecosystem partner portfolio to bring solutions to telco and cable providers. An inside view on the status of transformation for the last two years and forward looking with Sven Freudenfeld, Director Global Business Development at Lanner.