Dedicated Design Manufacturing Service to Realize your Vision

Lanner is a leading hardware solution provider with a wide portfolio of network appliances and IoT industrial computers. With long-established expertise in hardware customization to meet a wide range of networking scenarios for world’s top IT companies, Lanner has formed long-term, trusted relationships with our customers to offer the optimal hardware platform with world-class performance, scalable modular design, high reliability and time-to-market advantages.

Lanner possesses the experience and expertise in collaborative system-level custom design, fully traceable Taiwan-based manufacturing and global services coverage, to offer our customers the high-performance computing infrastructure for emerging trends of network transformation and edge computing. With over 30 years of operations, we have extended our technological capability across North America, Europe and Asia to enable our customers with competitiveness and market penetration, including new product offering, production efficiency and global deployment and service coverage.

30-year Engineering Experience

“A veteran team who creates thousands of custom designs helps you tackle all the difficulties in hardware integration by bringing your innovation to the market”

As a proven network technology partner we can provide a team of experienced network, mechanical, thermal, electrical and manufacturing engineers to design and build the right hardware platform to meet any industry requirements.

Taiwan-based Manufacturing

“We built systems for world’s top 5 network security companies for 30 years with Taiwan-based manufacturing and step-by-step traceability”

Lanner owns and operates its own in-house state of the art SMT, DIP, assembly and testing facilities. By maintaining control of the entire manufacturing process, we ensure the integrity of your end product through our tight production procedures, integrated quality assurance programs and rigorous design quality.

  • PCB design and production
  • Module and card manufacturing
  • System assembly and integration
  • Rigorous system testing and stressing
  • Extensive system burn-in
  • Software image and serial number integration
  • White-room confidentiality
  • Secure online manufacturing schedule

Total Quality Assurance

“We always think a step ahead by going through the most rigorous design validation and quality testing for best performance”

Lanner Design Quality Assurance (DQA) focuses on new product development processes to ensure quality is built in during the product design stage. Lanner provides focused resources and corrective action plans to continuously improve quality testing results.

  • New Product Introduction (NPI) Process
  • Building Block Design Process
  • Compatibility Test
  • Signal Quality Measurement
  • Reliability Test
  • Component Approval

Global Coverage and Services

“We work with our customer like a partner to deal with all the hassles in the supply chain with worldwide fulfillment and RMA services”

  • Global Logistics

    Efficiently deploy your product anywhere with minimal overhead.

  • Drop Shipment

    Direct-to-customer drop shipment service with a fully branded package.

  • RMA Support

    Streamlined repair/replacement service upon receiving the returned product.