ICS Cyber Security Appliances

Smart Factory Cyber Security

Significance results have shown the advantages of smart factory including increased levels of productivity, better collaboration across separate functional areas, easier maintenance, and faster recognition of defects, however, there is also an expansion of new risks and challenges. The increase of industrial control system (ICS) endpoints in remote access operational technology further expands the attack surface and creates potential vulnerability for cyber-related incidents.

As OT and IT systems become more interconnected and more depend upon digital automation, networks encounter security challenges including low visibility, unpatched devices, and weak authentication. Manufacturing organizations need to invest and build cyber resilience across the network.

ICS/OT Security Network Appliances

In order to protect ICS/OT networks, Lanner provides purpose-built OT/IT network security appliances prepared for these expanded risks. It involves creating a secure infrastructure to monitor and control ICS and SCADA system, enabling OT security technologies to work together with IT environments, delivering visibility and provide simplified management. Designed through a combination of mechanical and thermal engineering, these industrial grade computers address the issues of extreme temperatures, electronic surge, and provides high availability to meet industrial standards.

Robust features

To meet requirements of industrial ruggedness, wide operating temperature and dual power path, Lanner offer ICS Cybersecurity Appliances: LEC-6032 and LEC-6041.

Featured Products


Industrial cyber security PC with Intel Atom® E3845 CPU and advanced LAN bypass

CPU Intel Atom® E3845
Chipset N/A

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IEC 61850-3 Wide Temperature ICS Cyber Security Gateway with Intel Atom® CPU

CPU Intel Atom® x7-E3950 or x5-E3930
Chipset SoC

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