Consolidating Compute, Switch and Storage in One System

Nowadays, network operators have faced unprecedented challenges from the growth in data traffic and the increased service demands. To expand their bandwidth in the competitive environment without a great extent of additional CAPEX and OPEX, the next-gen telecom infrastructure is anticipated to evolve into a carrier-grade, hyper-converged network platform, offering faster, more agile and more reliable mission-critical applications.

Responding to today's networking demands, Lanner is introducing HybridTCA (HTCA) Platforms aiming at delivering multi-node compute, high-speed 100G switching and massive storage in one single appliance, delivering highly available service agility and economics in edge cloud and cloud data center.

Lanner's HTCA Platforms integrate compute, switching, storage and management in one system and have advantages over the prevalent infrastructure in aspects of hardware design, customization options and cost/energy efficiency


  • Multi-Nodes Computing Power

    Offering extreme performance and processing power, HTCA platform features dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs for each blade, which supports the 2 nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor with max. 56 cores on each blade. (Scale up to 336 cores in a 6U System).

    Scalable Networking Blades

    HTCA Platform features 6 front-cabling, swappable network I/O blades. The top 2 slots are reserved for Switch or Ethernet blades, while the other 4 slots are solely used for Ethernet NI blades, supporting 10/25/40/100GbE connectivity speed.

  • High Density Storage Blades

    The high-speed NVMe storage blade is designed to support various low-latency, data-intensive workloads such as video transcoding and next-gen firewall.

    P4 Programmable Switch

    The integration of Intel® Barefoot Tofino™ ASIC will unleash the true potential of P4 Programmable, dual-channel 3.2TB switching speed.

  • High Speed Backplane

    The new switching backplane features Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter E810, which delivers efficient workload-optimized performance at Ethernet speeds up to 1.2Tbps.

    Precision Timing Protocol Support

    The HTCA platform supports carrier-grade IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP v2) on the switch blade, which achieve a high degree of time synchronization for mission-critical applications

  • FIPS Compliance for System Security

    The HTCA platforms are compliant with FIBS design to meet the key carrier- grade security requirements required for telecom network.

    Carrier-grade Redundancy

    All CPU blade, network I/O blades, cooling fans and N+N power supply units are in full-redundancy design to ensure carrier-grade high-availability and 99.9999% uptimes.

    IPMI Remote Management

    The HTCA platforms features SSL encrypted IPMI add-on card and custom SDK to remotely configure, monitor, reboot and shut down the system.

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