HTCA-Series Switch Blades Support Carrier-grade IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP v2)

Lanner today announced that the HTCA Switch Blades, including HLM-1030 and HLM-1100, now support carrier-grade IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP v2). The protocol support on the switch blade enables the HTCA appliances to achieve a high degree of time synchronization for mission-critical applications deployed in Radio Access Networks, 5G Edge Clouds, and Core Network Data Centers.

Packet-based applications in critical infrastructure, such as industrial automation control, video broadcasting, and smart energy distributions, require the highest level of time accuracy. However, packet delay variation may occur when the switches send packets between network appliances. With marginal bandwidth and CAPEX, the HTCA appliance with IEEE 1588 support can work as a PTP equipment to precisely synchronize distributed device clocks within the sub-microsecond range and deliver precise timing signals, including the time-stamping inputs and scheduled outputs.

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