Enhancing PoE Power Management Capabilities

Lanner today introduced a power management feature designed for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) modules.It is built upon the POEIG802 architecture and offers both power management flexibilities and P2P software support.More specifically, this advanced PoE power management tool delivers the following enhancements not found in other run-of-the-mill PoE modules:

1.  Dynamic wattage setting:

For wattage values, PSE total wattage can be set, dynamically, at any time.

2.  Individual POE control:

Flexible control for each port’s on/off status, power priority/budget.

3.  Power management mode:

Power management now runs in either the standard mode or the power-booking mode.

4.  Individual port monitoring:

Stringent hardware monitoring for each port’s wattage, voltage, current and status.

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Lanner NCS2 NIC Modular with Intel® I350-AM4 Chipset & 8x GbE RJ45 PoE+ Ports

CPU None
Chipset Intel® I350-AM4

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