Accelerating Transformation at 5G Network Edge

5G networks are anticipated to deliver a future networks with faster, more agile and more reliable network communications, made possible by the distributed edge computing infrastructure to greatly lower the latency in communications. Edge computing is considered as one of the most critical part in the success of 5G, as edge is the closest to device users, where data is generated in a bottom-up approach. There are strong demands urging for cutting-edge white-box hardware and open source software solutions to be deployed at the network edge to anticipate the upcoming 5G.

With more than 30 years’ experience in network computing hardware, Lanner provides open and interoperable network platforms with customizable modular design, high-speed switching capabilities and carrier-grade redundancy, aiming to empower the computing, connectivity and security for 5G applications at the edge.


  • Mobile Edge Computing

    Empower Real-time Computing and Analytics at Micro Data Center



    Enable On-premise Service Agility and Time-to-Deployment


  • NFV Infrastructure

    Build High Availability VNF/OSS/BSS Services in Carrier Networks


  • Cloud-RAN

    Ensure Ultra-low Latency Communication for Mission-Critical Services


HTCA Architecture

Featured Products

  • Cloud-RAN
    Network Appliance


    • 6x Compute Blades & I/O Blades
    • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 CPU & DDR4 Memory per Blade
    • BCM56854/56860/56960 Switch Fabric


  • Mobile Edge
    Computing Platform


    • 2U HybridTCA™ Carrier-grade SDN/NFV Appliance
    • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 CPU & DDR4 Memory per Blade
    • BCM56854/56860/56960 Switch Fabric


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