Empowering the edge-to- cloud AI Revolution

The upcoming industrial revolution is anticipated to improve productivity, cost-efficiency and corporate competitiveness, made possible by connected sensors, IoT applications and the soon-to- released 5G networks to enable real time data connections from people, objects and contexts. Artificial intelligence (A.I) plays a critical role to collect and analyze massive volumes of digitized data to enable AI computing in visual inspection for smart factory, physical security for city safety, mobile edge computing for self-driving transits and adaptive streaming for video broadcasting.

As the leading network solution provider, Lanner has taken a major step in network transformation by empowering next-generation SDN/NFV infrastructure with vCPE and NFVi platform. The next step of our mission is to take on the challenge of deep learning at the edge network with our advanced network platforms designed for high computing, high throughputs and high availability in A.I computing.

Requirement for A.I Computing

  • Next-Gen
    Computing Power

    Feature new Intel Xeon processors with increased parallelism and higher number of operation designed for deep learning

  • High Throughput
    with Low Latency

    Offer up to and 100GbE packet switching capability and 20x DDR4 sockets for handling inbound packet forwarding

  • Expansion for
    GPU Acceleration

    Support multiple PCIe expansion slots compatible with most of GPU acceleration cards for running neural network algorithm.

  • 99.99% Uptimes with
    High Availability

    CPU, switching, cooling, fans and power supply are all designed in full-redundancy for mission-critical industrial AI applications


  • Machine Vision for Factory Inspection
    and City Surveillance

  • Zero Buffering Adaptive Video
    Streaming and Compression

  • Autonomous and Cognitive Vehicle
    for Public Transportation