Dual Modem uCPE for SD-WAN for Retail and SD-Branch

Dual Modem uCPE for SD-WAN for Retail and SD-Branch

Operating on the cloud has many benefits for companies and organizations including increased efficiency in operations and management, better support and access for distributed workforce, flexible scalability, and reduced costs. Even as many enterprises begin adopting cloud computing processes, there are migration challenges including network reliability, security, and availability concerns. In order to avoid security weak points or downtime, there must have built-in redundancy and availability in the most critical components. Enterprises need to build a strategy that encompasses all the needs of their organization and one that can deliver safe, reliable, and seamless cloud access.

  • Extended WAN Connectivity

To improve reliability at the branch for critical and digital services, such as retail POS and kiosk systems, hospitals and medical facilities where care is connected, and industrial facilities where critical operational technology can’t suffer even a few minutes of downtime. Lanner’s SD-WAN appliances support multiple Ethernet connectivity ports and options to ensure continuous connectivity and business continuity.

  • High Availability 5G/LTE Backup

The dual SIM and modem in a single SD-WAN gateway, designed to enable better internet reliability via high availability to ensure uninterrupted communications and consistent performance. Lanner’s appliances offer LTE, mmWave 5G, Sub-6GHz 5G, and Wi-Fi compatibility, providing fast failover functionality.

Lanner Dual Modem uCPE Hardware Solutions

Lanner uCPE Solutions provide a secure, yet open and flexible network platform to deploy extendable and reliable edge network function suitable for small-to-medium-sized businesses, distributed retail stores, small branch offices to enterprise and service providers.

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