Virtualized Routers Enable Service Agility and Efficiency

The benefits of using disaggregated routers over traditional routers is the ability to skirt around vendor lock-in, thus increasing versatility and flexibility. Adopting disaggregated routers will help service providers lower CAPEX costs and reduce power consumption while giving them the ability to scale up both network capacity and service scope quickly.

Facilitated by the ease of deployment and operation of disaggregated routers, this emerging disaggregated ecosystem promises to give beneficiaries the versatility, capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and scope to develop and deploy effective 5G RAN solutions to meet the needs of the world of tomorrow.

Lanner offers a variety of open, 1U short-depth network appliances deployed as a disaggregated router at the edge networks. Pre-integrated and pre-certified with customized services from ecosystem partners, Lanner whitebox x86 network appliance enables provides virtualization –optimized computing, multi-10G connectivity, packet/crypto acceleration and remote management that enables flexible, multi-vendor VNF provisioning.


Hardware Requirements

  • Performance Acceleration

    ■ DPDK Packet Acceleration
    ■ SR-IOV Virtualization Acceleration
    ■ QAT Crypto Acceleration

  • Built-in Hardware Security

    ■ BIOS Security
    ■ TPM 2.0 Hardware Security
    ■ Secure IPMI
    ■ Intel® SGX Data Security

  • High Availability and Scalability

    ■ Redundant Fans/Power Supplies
    ■ Advanced LAN Bypass
    ■ 1/10/40/100G NIC Module Support


Use Cases

  • Virtualized Router for Maritime Communications

  • Session-smart Router for Retail SD-WAN


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