Connectivity Platforms for Industrial Internet of Things

The rise of Industrial Internet of Things has been an enormous driving force for automation and control technology. To meet the requirements for mission-critical applications for real-time edge computing and cloud connectivity, Lanner offers a wide selection of industrial PCs featuring the x86 computing power, high-availability/longevity design, versatile I/Os connections, and scalable/customizable options.

These hardware solutions effectively consolidate and engage the most discussed areas of the Industrial IoT applications including SFF gateway for IoT Connectivity, surveillance platform for Video Intelligence and automation controller for Smart Factory, preparing and readying all for not only the foreseeable connected world brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

IoT Connectivity

SFF IoT Gateways for Self-service Kiosk, Digital Signage and Building Automation

Video Intelligence

Video-driven Platforms for Machine Vision,Physical Security and Traffic Monitoring

Smart Factory

Automation Fanless PCs for MES, HMI Machine Control/Monitoring