ITS America 2019 – Lanner to Showcase Secure and Reliable V2X Communication Platforms

Efficient, safe and secure transportation networks are the foundation of smart cities. The most sought-after intelligent solutions are those that optimize transportation efficiency, improve passenger safety and minimize costs. At ITS America 2019, Lanner will present its rugged in-vehicle/in-train computers with LTE, designed for enabling control, monitoring, mobile connectivity in fleet management, public transit surveillance and railway communication systems.

In-Vehicle NVR´s with Pre-Certified LTE Connectivity

Lanner is also introducing to the Transportation market its pre-certified LTE modules, PGN-300 and PGN-600, that add certified cellular network connectivity on its leading NVR platforms for onboard applications. PGN series products are geared towards the need of onboard system OEM’s to launch new products quickly without having to deal with certifications such as AT&T, Verizon, PTCRB and FirstNet. Lanner also offers application-specific certifications with its onboard NVR platforms. MIL-STD 810G for road vehicles and EN-50155 for rolling stock applications are two examples of such special requirements certifications that Lanner provides.

PGN-300 – Pre-Certified LTE Module

Wayside ITS Application hardware

Weather condition monitoring, Intersection data collection, ALPR, Railway track condition monitoring and Traffic Signal Pre-emption are few of the wayside applications that do not require aforementioned certifications, however have very specific needs in terms of their ability to withstand harsh environment challenges.

LEC-2580P – PTCRB Certified Rugged PC for Roadside Compute-Intensive Applications

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality, fully rugged, Industrial computers with wide temperature and dust/humidity protection, Lanner offers purpose built hardware for deploying applications.

Come visit our booth #748 at the ITS America in Washington, DC.