Lanner to Present IT and OT Security Gateway Solutions at SECON Expo 2018

According to Tripwire, around 94% of security professionals expect IIoT (Industrial IoT) to increase risk and vulnerability in their organization. Data breaches, DDoS attacks, ransomware have driven IIoT companies to seek more advanced security technologies, aiming to provide IT/OT and hardware/software security convergence, protect data and ensure serviceability. As the leader in IT/OT security hardware

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Lanner to showcase next-gen Internet of Vehicle Hardware Solutions at Intertraffic 2018

Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is a foreseeable evolution that enables two-way, real-time communications between moving vehicles, traffic infrastructure and centralized control centers. At Intertaffic 2018, Lanner will showcase our rugged hardware solutions designed to enable the connectivity and intelligence in next-gen inter-connected transportation systems with mission critical applications such as real-time mobile surveillance, vehicle control

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Lanner to Showcase Rugged In-Vehicle/Railway Computers at Gulf Traffic

Efficient, safe and secure transportation networks are the foundation of smart cities. The most sought-after intelligent solutions are those that optimize transportation efficiency, improve passenger safety and minimize costs. At Gulf Traffic 2018, Lanner will present its rugged in-vehicle/in-train computers designed for enabling control, monitoring, mobile connectivity in fleet management, public transit surveillance and railway

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Lanner to Showcase its new Embedded Video Platforms at ASIS 2017

Come join Lanner at the Milestone Booth at ASIS 2017, being held at Kay Bailley Hutchinson Convention Center, Dallas Texas from September 25 to 28, 2017. This year Lanner will showcase its latest embedded video computers specifically engineered for mobile data capture and video analytics in commercial and rugged conditions. Schedule a Meeting Commercial Embedded

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Join Lanner’s Seminar of Next-gen vCPE Solutions for SD-WAN

Due increasing speed in the network transformation towards a more open, virtualized SDN/NFV architecture, SDN/NFV solutions have become critical for service agility while maintaining CPEX/OPEX efficiency. Being the pioneer in supplying vCPE appliances and NFVi-ready platform for service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers, on Oct. 24, 2017, Lanner will team up with Intel, Wind River,

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Lanner To Present its Rolling Stock Computing Lineup at Railway Interchange 2017

To provide passengers a more secure and convenient experience, rolling stock operators are searching for reliable solutions to enable mobile intelligence systems in real-time train control and management. At Railway Interchange 2017, Lanner will present its intelligent in-train communication platforms designed for rail control and monitoring, onboard passenger information, video surveillance and WiFi hotspot connectivity.

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